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Colidrone means
innovative solutions, professional customer support, the best fleet available in the market, the highest possible accuracy of measurements, images and video in 4K quality


The name of the company derives from ''koliber" - Polish for hummingbird. It is the smallest bird in the world, which, hitting its wings 90 times per seconds is able to move in all directions and to hover in order to get to the most inaccesible places.

Who we are

Colidrone was set up by four specialists of different areas. The interdisciplinarity, passion and application of knowledge formed the basis of our success. We think differntly, we reach further. Together with you we are creating new quality.

What we do

We specialize in photogrammetric measurements and visual imaging using unmanned aerial vehicles. We have top quality equipment which was modified specially for us to suit the needs of our customers. We have vast experience and many innovative solutions to achieve the highest possible accuracy of measurement and top quality of images and videos.