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FlyTech Fenix geodezja usługi

FlyTech Fenix

High range fixed wing UAV is used for photogrammetric measurements of big areas. The construction was built specially for Colidrone. Thanks to Sony A600 camera and Voigtlander 40mm lens it delivers Full HD 1920x1080p films (60, 40, 24 FPS) as well as photos with max. resolution 24.3 Mpix. Fenix meets the expectations of our most demanding customers – high efficiency and quality of data enable us to generate even within one day orthomosaics with 1 cm pixel depicting several kilometers of terrain. We ensure horizonal accuracy of 5 cm and the accuracy of DTM around 15 cm.

wingspan: 1900mm
total length: 1280mm
total height: 400mm
weight: 1800g
maximum take-off weight: 3200g

FlyTech Gryf DJI S900

DJI S900

Top class six rotor drone. The Sony A 600 camera and Voigtlander 40mm lens with high performance properties are combined with 3-axis gimbal Zenmuse Z15 to ensure perfect stability. The effect is Full HD 1920x1080p video (60, 40, 24 FPS) and photos up to 24.3 Mpix. High quality of photos and functionality of autonomous flight make DJI S900 a perfect tool for photogrammetric flights. The maximum resolution of is 1cm/px. Our team guarantees high accuracy of data – we offer horizontal accuracy of orthomosiacs at 5 cm and the DTM accuracy of aroung 15 cm.

measurements: 970mmx625mm
weight: 3600g
maximum take-off weight: 8200g

DJI Phantom 4


The drone fitted with GoPro HERO+ Black Edition camera, stabilized with 2-axis gimbal is a perfect solution for tasks requiring lower flights or accessing hard-to-reach places. It records video in HD – 1920x1080p 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 FPS, 4K – 15, 12.5 PS and takes photos up to 12 Mpix.

measurements: 480mmx170mm
weight: 1000g
maximum take-off weight: 1300g